Why Outdoor Play?

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Nature is as important to children as food and sleep! Children should have direct experience of nature and as responsible adults we should encourage children to explore the wonderful world around us.

As adults, we all have memories of days spent exploring woods and racing amongst the sand dunes. How many times have we just stopped what we are doing and lay in the grass to listen to the natural sounds around us and to escape the ever increasing hum of machines. We are in danger of never allowing our precious children the experiences that we once had. That is why it is so important that children have contact with nature to help the development of a healthy body and mind.
Physical contact and intimacy with nature is fading as children retreat into their sterilised world of computers and smart phones. They may have read about the animals and birds to be found in the woods but have they seen them or waited silently listening for their call?

At Glebe Farm we take this responsibility very seriously and present many opportunities for children to immerse themselves in the great outdoors. Our youngest children have their own garden where they can toddle around in safety. The baby barn is linked to the garden via large patio doors which lead onto a paved area for sand and water play. We have two acres of grounds where children are able to grow vegetables, make dens, climb, explore and play in our beautiful space. Our older children are actively involved in ‘Woodland School’ where they make shelters, light fires, bake bread and have a real understanding of nature.