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  • A walk in the woods

    A walk in the woods

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A healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of developing life-threatening diseases, increase the enjoyment we get from life and help us to live to an active and healthy old age.

Good habits learned when young tend to stay for life.

As early years practitioners we are in a unique position to influence the lives of the children in our care during this crucial early period. At Glebe Farm we strive to ensure our children develop healthy lifestyles. Our children have lots of opportunity and space for fun and exercise in the fresh air. Meals and snacks consist of healthy locally sourced food. All meals are nutritionally balanced, prepared from scratch by Sue, our cook, in the nursery kitchen. Mealtimes are happy, social times where conversation and good manners are encouraged. Children’s emotional wellbeing is supported by the consistent love and care of each key person towards the small group of children in their care.