Good Food

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As grown ups, we all love food and children are no exception.

Providing children at the nursery school with quality food throughout the day is very important to us. All meals are quality home cooked food which are both nutritiously balanced and tasty and prepared from scratch in our own open plan kitchen. Sue is a great cook and she takes her responsibility very seriously.

Lunch consists of a variety of sandwiches, (ham, dairylea, marmite, pate, egg or tuna mayonnaise) on wholemeal bread, chopped carrot and cucumber, marmite muffins, flapjack and chopped apple. Filtered water and milk is freely available throughout the day at any time.

Cooked tea consists of traditional family food enhanced with some new tastes, to develop experience of flavours and textures. The weekly menu is always on display in the kitchen area. A few examples are shown below:

Shepherds Pie, bacon and leek carbonara, casseroles, sweet and sour chicken, home made pizza and fish pie. Fresh fruit and vegetables are offered every day during meal and snack times. If you have any special requests or if you would simply like to suggest a new meal to add to our list please let us know. All dietary and cultural food requirements can be met individually.

We grow produce in the garden and the children very enthusiastically help to cultivate our crops. They see where our food comes from and how it is prepared. The kitchen is very much the heart of the nursery like any home. The children love to bake and make bread to share with their family and friends.

Snacks can happen at any time of the day, children have access to the snack table in the kitchen, where they make their choice from a variety of healthy options.